Thursday, February 4, 2010

ROFL Jim Carrey and Your Idiot Wife...

Just wanted to point out, as I head off to study for midterm #1 of semester #1 of medical school, the new report I watched last night about the whole vaccinations cause autism thing... Yeah it isn't true. The medical research community has basically outed the guy who performed the study that first hinted at this, saying that in no way is anything he had claimed verifiable in any way. In fact, they claim that he straight up LIED about the whole thing. Incredible. And as mentioned in a previous post, because a bunch of celebs (read: Carrey and wife) with autistic kids decided to get all uppity and support the immediate banning of all vaccinations (I know, I'm exaggerating), people started to listen. And where did it get us? Recurrences of previously very rare childhood diseases all over the country. Because YOU not vaccinating your kid puts EVERYONE else at risk too. Congratulations.

And EVEN now as the whole study, which was dubious to begin with, is thrown out, parents are still INSISTING that the vaccines are the cause. One mother literally said on national TV that well all these kids are getting vaccinated and they are all getting autism, so CLEARLY vaccines are the cause. Well all those kids also drank breast milk... so clearly that causes autism too. As does water. And I distinctly remember my now deceased grandfather really liking oranges, so they must cause lung cancer.

Please note that at least 3 people have read that and taken it as fact.

Read a book...


Suzie said...

i still like that you can make me laugh. and laugh out loud for that matter. while we're sitting here. in the all-silent barn. ha i'm so cool.

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